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Fish Collagen Powder

RM98.00 RM78.00

Collagen is the most abundant and tenacious protein in the human body, thats holds the structural integrity of our bodies and responsible for regeneration. With increasing age, the effect of collagen fibres weakens, leading to what we see as raging effects– brittle nails, join aches, dull hair and wrinkled skin. Although meat in our diets contains collagen fibres, they are too large in size to be absorbed by the body. This is where Kulin’s collagen powder breaks through in its use of fish collagen– a sustainable source which has increased absorption rates given its smaller particle size. The mixture reverses the ageing effect by improving elasticity and and straitening nails and thickening fine hair. Apply a small amount directly into the skin and rub gently. Additionally, mix the product into any of your hair care products.

Suitable for all skin type and 100% made in Korea.


Premium Multi Essence

RM292.00 RM260.00

Plant fermentation therapy, wrinkle care, skin elasticity care and whitening care. Suitable for all skin type, our Multiessence product has special function of natural plant fermented cosmetics through Korea’s traditional fermentation method. It is called fermentation detoxification principle that remove toxic from our body system.

Patented Aloe’s traditional fermented components (10 years) and 9 types of natural plant fermented components. Gives skin’s metabolism and vitality, strengthening of level of immunity, detox function to make resilient and clear skin.

Patented ginkgo, pomegranate, fig, mulberry plant extracts will remove skin’s dead cell to maintain healthy skin.

Ginseng stem cell consists of peptide substances strengthens nutrients and moisture.

100% made in Korea, free from any harmful chemicals.


Puresh UV Protector SPF 35PA+++

RM126.00 RM118.00

Taking SPF to new heights, our UV protect from a highly specialised line ‘Puresh’ –a compound word for ‘pure and fresh’ is your best defence for the face. Lack of sleep, stress, pollution and the excessive of daily lives take a toll on the skin. This is made worse when penetrated by the harsh elements of sunlight. The UV protector works a both as moisturiser and sunscreen, joining forces to reawaken dull skin for a flawless canvas. The formula is lightweight and infused with minerals, and works as an invisible soothing and blurring mask on all skin types and tones. Gently run into sensitive areas of the skin, under the eyes, lips, nose and cheeks for banish redness and peeling.

Mildest formula available that is suitable for all skin type, suitable for all ages and genders, triple functional sunscreen (sunscreen, whitening, anti-aging).

* 100% made in Korea
* 100% EWG green rated ingredients
* Halal GIMDES


Waterfull Whitening Essence

RM120.00 RM98.00

Enjoy a luxurious skin with this lightweight, nongreasy essence combining powerful natural ingredients to diminish pigmentation, healing skin tissues and unifying the complexion. The result is an incredibly smoother and intensely brighter skin. The opalescent essence is formulated from the fruits of vitamin tree, hollyhock, aloe vera, a mix of berries rich and snail secretion filtrate. These ingredients come together to form a potent concentrate for skin like silk. It moisturizes dull skin to restore natural radiance, battles inflammation to heal and smoothen and whitens the skin for a luminous glow. Apply on clean, dry skin for an instantly beautiful and radiant skin.

Korea water drop technology, create natural silky skin, suitable for all skin type. 100% made in Korea.