1. Where is Kulin SEA HQ?
G-65-1 Block G, Talan Teknologi 3/9, Bistari “DE” Kota, Kota Damansara, PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

2. Where to buy?
Contact Jessica at 019-2216713 or email to jessica@kulin.asia

3. How to use the products?
Multi Premium Essence – Spray onto clean, dry face and let dry. Can be used anytime, before or after applying make-up
Waterfull Whitening Essence – Apply gently on clean, dry skin for instantly beautiful and radiant skin, tap a few times for better absorption to deeper skin layer
Figh Collagen Powder – Apply a small amount directly into the skin and rub gently. Additionally, mix the products with any skin care essence
Puresh UV Protector – Place a peas size of the solution into any area of skin surface. Pad the skin surface a few times for a more balance application.

4. What is VIP card? How to use?
Kulin VIP card is a privilege card collaborating with TrendKini, specially for customer who purchased set package directly from Kulin SEA.
User will entitle a minimum 5% discount for any RM5 and above purchase at any Trendkini Silver Merchant store (including Kulin SEA) by just showing the card upon payment. (Merchant list can be found in www.trendkini.my).
Kulin VIP card also comes with Bitdefender Mobile Security, an antivirus apps for Android mobile phones, for free (worth RM42.29). The activation code is on the back of the VIP card.
Find out more in http://bitdefender.my/bms/

5. How to become Kulin Entrepreneur?
Register yourself at www.kulin.asia, processing fee is RM20. An instruction guide will be sent to your email together with your Kulin Entrepreneur login. (Kulin Entrepreneur function currently under maintenance). Contact Jessica at 019-2216713 or email to jessica@kulin.asia

6. How to become Kulin Distributor?
Contact Jessica at 019-2216713 or email to jessica@kulin.asia